Cultivating the seeds of extended growth: our 5-day Training Program

Induction process helps ensure that new hires feel comfortable in their new job and start working effectively as soon as possible. We are happy to write that we recently concluded the training session for our Indore and Nagpur franchise. The 5-day training schedule covered all the possible aspects needed to establish as a successful franchise. The session was attended by their Telemarketing and Sales and Marketing team.

Basic Day-1 training started with brushing off the communication and confidence of the participants. Making them feel comfortable in the environment with a session of introduction, we proceeded with briefing them about the company and its vision. Through simple and concise presentations we acquainted them with our online portal in a brief one-hour session. The following four-hour sessions groomed the attendees, preparing them to face the professional world and clients on the field.

The second day training aimed at dwelling them deep into the art of business development and accompanied with our product details. To convince the customer it is necessary to be self-convinced first. Fun tasks and games were initiated to test and work out on their spontaneity. The active and energetic performance of our participants conveyed their interest in the 90 minutes session.

Half way through the induction, all were well-versed with their duties and responsibilities. It was now time for some mock calls accompanied with classroom training and role playing. Skills of reporting to queries of the customers were cultivated on this stage. The other half and the next day was spent on field budding under the guidance of senior members, apprehending into real life situations immersed with the classroom training, facilitating on the job training.

Finally, the last day of training was dedicated to reviewing and evaluation. Based on their overall performance throughout the induction phase, the participants were shortlisted. The 5 -day training program concluded with recognition and certificate distribution. Certified attendees were ready to board the audacious journey of running a successful business.


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